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Common Questions about Using Grad Tools

How do I get access to my department's site?

Log in to Ctools and look for a tab that says "Grad Tools - your department name." (E.g., Grad Tools - History)

To request access, send email to gradtools@umich.edu and indicate that you are requesting access to your department's site.

Can I run reports of student progress with Grad Tools?

This is not a current feature. MPathways is the reporting source that has the data warehouses to query for more accurate data reports.


I want to be able to check off the steps for my department.

For steps that you add to your department's checklist, make sure to choose "Department" in the list of actors, as well as the actor who is responsible for completing the work.


Can I make documents available to my students?

Yes. Follow the directions for adding a document to Resources, choose "Display to non-members," and upload your document. Then choose Edit for that document, and copy the long URL in the URL area. Then go to your Dissertation Checklist, create a new step, and paste that URL into the step.

If you already have the documents on a website, you can make them available within a step by copying and pasting the URL into the step, following the instructions for adding links in a step.


Can I put items on my students' schedules?

This is not a current feature of Grad Tools.