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Common Questions about Using Grad Tools

How do I get a site?

1... Log in to CTools at http://ctools.umich.edu with your UM uniqname and kerberos password.

2... Click Worksite Setup.

3... Click New.

4... Click Grad Tools site.

5... Click Create Site.

How do I give my committee access to the site?

1... Click on Site Info.

2... Click Add Participants.

3... Type in the committee member's uniqname. For an external committee member, use the bottom box and type in his or her email address.

4... Check the box next to " Member." "Member" access will allow committee members to add steps, add resources, start their own discussion items, add schedules, etc.

5... Click Continue.

6... Choose whether to send your committee an email telling them they now have access to your Grad Tools site.

7... Click Finish when you're done adding committee members.

What if my checklist doesn't show I've completed a step that I have completed?

If the step is one that the department "owns," it may not have been checked off yet. This does not necessarily mean your department thinks you did not complete the step. Contact your department's dissertation administrator to confirm.

If the step is one that is owned by Rackham, contact gradtools@umich.edu.

Can I change the features on my Grad Tools site?

You can remove some features from your Grad Tools site and/or add other CTools features to meet your needs.

To change features on your Grad Tools site:

1... Click on Site Info.

2... Click Edit Tools.

3... Features on your Grad Tools site now have a checked box next to them. To remove a feature, uncheck the box. To add a new feature, check the box.

Note : You cannot remove your Dissertation Checklist.

4... Click Continue.

5... Confirm the changes you have made and click Save if they are correct.

Who has access to my Grad Tools site?

Your Dissertation Checklist is accessible to Rackham administrators, your department staff, and anyone who you have specifically given access to.

Nothing other than your checklist is accessible to anyone other than the people you specifically give access to.

CTools administrators have access to your site strictly for maintenance purposes.