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Creating a Grad Tools site

To create a Grad Tools site please contact ctools@umich.edu to request that your site be initialized.

Note: Only Rackham doctoral students can have Grad Tools sites at this time.

1... Log in to CTools at http://ctools.umich.edu with your UM uniqname and kerberos password.

2... Click Worksite Setup.

3... Click New.

4... Click Grad Tools site.

5... Click Create Site.

A tab will appear at the top of your screen, or in the "more" menu, that says Grad Tools -- your uniqname. Click that tab or select the item in the menubar to open your site.

Giving your committee access to your Grad Tools site

1... When you have your Grad Tools site open, click the Site Info button in the left-hand menubar.

2... Click Add Participants.

3... Type in a committee member's uniqname. For an external committee member, use the bottom box and type in his or her full email address, e.g., jdoe@yahoo.com

4... Click Continue.

5... Check the box next to "Member." "Member" access will allow committee members to add steps, add resources, start their own discussion items, add schedules, etc.

6... Click Continue.

7... Choose whether to send your committee an automatic email telling them they now have access to your Grad Tools site.

8... Click Continue.

9... Click Finish when you're done adding committee members.